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Conor McGregor coach wants lightweight title fight for ‘Notorious’ at UFC 205 in New York

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The big question after Conor McGregor got revenge on Nate Diaz at UFC 202 this past Saturday (Aug. 20, 2016) was: What is “Notorious” going to do next?

While the fiery Irishman wouldn’t commit to his next move during the post-fight scrum, he did say he has plenty of options waiting in the wing for him to mull over. The least of which have to do with a rematch against Jose Aldo.

If you ask John Kavanagh, Conor’s head trainer, he wants to see his star pupil go back to lightweight and get a title shot there. After all, there is no point for him to take on featherweights because if Nate couldn’t do nothing to him with his punches, the smaller guys at 145 won’t have nothing for him.

And since he’s already run threw plenty in the division — Aldo included — it will be almost like he’s cheating if he continues to pick in that division.

John broke it down on The MMA Hour:

“Me, personally, I will be pushing for 155. That’s just my big brother type of opinion. He looks like a tank to me, I just think that he was designed to be a lightweight. I really don’t see the point in it (going back to 145). With all due respect to the 45 guys, especially after that fight with Nate; what are they going to do? What’s anyone going to do to him? I just think anyone he faces at that weight class, it’s almost like he’s cheating with the amount of power he has. He can make the weight, and may do it just to spite me; but, with Lockhart on board, the 45 he made last December was the easiest he’s done. He’s just running threw people at that weight class. I ….View full article

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