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Conor McGregor Goes Off: ‘F**k Politics, F**k Religion and F**k the Queen’

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UFC interim featherweight champion Conor McGregor went on a social media rant on Thursday after being accused of selling out the Irish people for wearing a remembrance poppy.

A remembrance poppy is worn to commemorate soldiers who have died in combat. They’re used in many nations, but are most common in the United Kingdom and Canada. They’re controversial in Northern Ireland, where most Irish nationalists and Irish Catholics refuse to wear them because of the actions of the British Army during the Troubles, also known as the Northern Ireland Conflict.

@TheNotoriousMMA only thing your selling out is the Irish people wearing a poppy! pic.twitter.com/n2EtGVHDAx — Christy Hale (@christy_hale) October 29, 2015

Shortly after McGregor’s Irish loyalties were questioned, the 27-year-old posted a reply on Facebook:

“I know where my allegiance lies and what I do for my country. I don’t need a stupid little flower with a 100 different meanings to tell me if I do or do not represent my country.

“Check the facts of its original meaning. ALL soldiers. ALL wars.

“I have the blood of many nations on my gloves. Fought and beat on the world stage. 
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