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Conor McGregor has handled himself exceedingly well since first UFC loss

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The last time Conor McGregor fought Nate Diaz, the novelty of the pairing couldn’t help but play at the fight game libido. It was wildly imaginative, crossing the stalkton with the Irish feather, and it was equally ridiculous for McGregor to just say “yes” to another opponent switch on 11 day’s notice at a weight that was twice removed from the only weight he’d known in the UFC. Yet he did, he threw reckless dice, and Diaz was only too game to roll along with him. Those were compelling reasons to tune in. Just the many audacities in play. The foolishness of the “why not” spree on both ends. The sudden uselessness of rankings and good sense and all those superficial laws we place over fights. There was a complete deficit of f*cks to be given.

In other words, captivating.

This time it’s a little different. The string orchestra that swelled up is now a subway trio with a tuba. This time it’s a vanity trip with muffled stakes, a thing that has to play out so that we might see what the next thing is.

McGregor wants to duplicate the setting so that he can avenge his only loss without asterisks. If the public has been slow to understand the UFC’s reasoning for allowing one set of matchmaking whims (in a makeshift situation to save an event) grow into a series, McGregor has been patient in explaining it. He did it again at his McGregor-themed gym in Las Vegas on Friday, hosting a workout and Q&A with an assembled media. Bespectacled and chewing his gum in a most thoughtful (and audible) way, McGregor once again used even tones to explain his thinking behind the rematch under the original alignment. Quite simply, he’s pored over the blueprint and is ….View full article

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