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Conor McGregor: Maybe Nate Diaz Trilogy Could Spearhead New 165-Pound Division

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Conor McGregor likes collecting belts.

After being a two-division champion in Cage Warrior, McGregor ended up doing what had never been done before in the UFC when he held the lightweight and featherweight titles simultaneously in 2016.

Now it seems McGregor is ready to add onto his collection while also helping to lead the way for the UFC to add new divisions to the roster.

There has been a lot of talk lately about a potential 165-pound division and while UFC president Dana White has soundly rejected the idea, McGregor might just be the one person on the roster who could convince him otherwise.

He even has the perfect idea to help launch the new division with a monstrous fight that everybody would watch.

“I’ve got that trilogy with [Nate] Diaz, I will give that man that rematch. He gave me a rematch, I will give him a rematch. 155 [pounds] I’d imagine but we’ll see because maybe we could spearhead a 165-pound division,” McGregor hinted when speaking to “UFC Tonight” on Wednesday.

McGregor believes the UFC should add a 165-pound division — and several more weight classes — as the organization continues to struggle to find title fights for upcoming pay-per-view cards.Nate Diaz and Conor McGregor - UFC 202 Weigh-in

The perfect example was his own situation after becoming a two-division champion back in 2016 and within four weeks, McGregor had already been stripped of his featherweight title.

McGregor was told prior to competing for a second world title that he would eventually have to give up one of them but he was ultimately stripped out of necessity when the UFC needed to offer up a championship bout to save a pay-per-view in desperate need of a main event.

“I do believe we should go 145, 155, 165, 175, 185, even 195 so why not? There’s more belts,” McGregor argued. “They’re stripping people left and right. They stripped me, I only walked out of the damn cage. They didn’t even offer me a fight and I was getting stripped. [Daniel] Cormier was injured or something and then I got stripped of my second belt just for that reason, just so they can juice up cards with belts. Well hey, stick in more weight divisions, more champions, why not?

“If that’s what you’re doing anyway cause you want a belt on the line.”

McGregor isn’t far off base when it comes to the UFC’s way of thinking for title fights to headline pay-per-view cards.

Just recently, the UFC pulled a women’s flyweight title fight as a co-main event in December to instead have a different fight headline UFC 230 in New York because they needed a headliner for the card.

Now Valentina Shevchenko will face Sijara Eubanks on Nov. 3 rather than a showdown against an ex-champion in Joanna Jedrzejczyk, which had previously been scheduled for December.

Without a doubt, that change was made because the UFC needed a title fight to headline the November pay-per-view.

“If it’s the belt they’re doing this for, why not add more divisions?” McGregor said. “More belts, more champions, more pay-per-views with belts on the line. It’s going to help the athletes, I believe, with weight cutting.

“So I think maybe me and Diaz could do the trilogy under 165.”

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