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Conor McGregor might not fight at UFC 200, but retiring? Fat chance…

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First of all, nobody should be so gullible as to believe that Conor McGregor is actually retiring. The man loves money too much, and he loves to spend it. He isn’t going to just kiss away the fine foods, the tailored suits, the fast cars and private planes that the fighting life has afforded him. Besides, a man with his impulsive buying habits is inclined to impulsive decision-making.

Then again, this is one of the damndest pieces of news to fall out of the spring sky, even if it’s just that. McGregor is 27 years old and is the first fighter to truly get the UFC to dance as he fires pistols at its feet. The UFC brass doesn’t like to admit it, but up until it “pulled” him from his rematch with Nate Diaz at UFC 200 — the touchstone event happening July 9 in Las Vegas — things had gotten a little contentious. It was one thing when McGregor kept showing up late to press conferences, a bit of ornery insubordination just to puff his chest out and say “deal with it.” His spirit animal, Axl Rose, made a cottage industry of such antics in the early-1990s.

It’s another to get to where we’re at.

And of course, that’s the question that he practically ding-dong-ditched everybody with on Tuesday afternoon with his pregnant “I’ve decided to retire young” tweet: What in the hell are we at?

A lot of people are breathing conscience and humanity into the situation, as McGregor was cageside when Joao Carvalho fought a little more than a week ago against his SBG gym-mate, Charlie Ward, out in Ireland. Carvalho, who suffered head injuries in the bout, died two days later. McGregor posted on social media that he didn’t quite know how to take it, and ….View full article

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