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Conor McGregor’s 2019 Plans, Cruz Crushed – If I Did It

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Welcome to IF I DID IT, where we analyze and solve PR kerfuffles from the MMA world (insert hand gesture) not beyond.

Join your host Alexei Auld, author of “7 Secret Sources of Inspiration: A Snappy Guide for Creative Procrastinators”, and his guests, the illustrious John Nash, Financial Analyst of Bloody Elbow’s Show Money and he’s the man who know everything there is to know about the history of MMA, and of course rounding out the team we have the infamous Eugene S. Robinson, from ozy.com and author of “Fight, Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Ass-Kicking but Were Afraid You Would Get Your Ass Kicked for Asking”; Collectively, your MMA Puncholes.

This week The Puncholes feature…

You’re Conor McGregor. You tweeted “I am launching rockets in 19’ #staystrapped”, live and in public, if you will. Who are your targets? –

You’re Dominick Cruz. Another year, another injury. Why not follow Bobby Green’s lead and just retire? –


“We’ll be back next week with another installment of If I Did It; and we don’t know what we’ll be talking about yet because the PR mistakes have yet to be made.”

Welcome to another episode of IF THE SHOES FIT; a show where we solve salacious situations by stepping into the shoes of the shaken…the chagrined…the kerfuffed! This week: How to handle hypocritical secrets and public stupidity. Join along while Alexei, Eugene and John to discuss PR issues in the non-MMA world!

Now let’s get to stepping!

Step into the shoes of Mia Farrow. After years of attacking your ex Woody Allen, you have been put in blast, live and in public, if you will for joining in threesomes with his young lover who viewed you as a mother figure. What PR moves do you need to take to prevent these allegations from derailing your truth? –

Step into the shoes of Tucker Carlson. After claiming immigrants have made America “poorer and dirtier” advertisers are fleeing your show. How do you prevent becoming poorer and dirtier your damn self? –


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“Until next week, no matter how tight, loose, or uncomfortable, remember these words: on this show, the shoes always fit, so we can never acquit.”

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