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Controversial YouTube personality Logan Paul wants UFC fight: ‘I’ve wrestled my whole life’

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Lots of people that are considered “celebrities” nowadays have talked about fighting in MMA. There’s rapper Wiz Khalifa, who might actually be a real celebrity. There’s the self-professed “King of Instagram”, Dan Blizerian. And now there’s this clown who does extremely tasteless and controversial things to make money on YouTube. His name is Logan Paul.

This guy, who gained infamy for stunts like filming a corpse in Japan’s “suicide forest”, encouraging kids to eat Tide Pods, and tasering dead animals, is apparently important enough for TMZ to be chasing around (on a slow day, I assume). And now that he has a boxing match set up with some other YouTube personality that I don’t care about, he believes that he could handle a bigger challenge. That would be a fight in the UFC.

“I want to fight a UFC fighter,” he said. “I’ve wrestled my whole life. There’s literally no reason I can’t. I’ve done athletics my whole life.”

“Dana White, you watching this bro? Pick a fighter for me. Pick a fighter for me dude. Late next year.”

He said he’s about 190 pounds, so he’s a cruiserweight. Obviously a big MMA fan if that’s the division he named. He then called out CM Punk, which is pretty low hanging fruit. His brother chimed and thinks it would be cool if one of them fought Conor McGregor. But they have to “prove themselves” before that could happen.

So yeah. I feel dumber for having watched and transcribed that. Welcome to the world of MMA.

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