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Count Max Holloway Among Nick Diaz Defenders: ‘It’s a Bunch of BS’

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Support for suspended UFC fighter Nick Diaz continues to grow throughout the mixed martial arts community. Featherweight contender Max Holloway became the most recent fighter to speak out about Diaz’ five-year suspension for testing positive for marijuana following his UFC 183 bout against Anderson Silva.

“You don’t see no one smoking weed and start flying around and having super powers. It’s total BS. A five-year suspension should be for a person taking PEDs (performance enhancing drugs),” said Holloway during a recent Q&A.

Holloway’s sentiments have been echoed by many other fighters, whose biggest concern is catching and suspending athletes who use PEDs.

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“People need to understand, when I go in there and a guy is on PEDs or steroids, he can potentially kill me,” said the Hawaiian. “I don’t agree (with Diaz’ suspension). It’s a bunch of BS. Let’s get the guys who are on steroids and PEDs and let’s get them suspended.”

Holloway was impressed in Diaz’ ability to maintain the level of conditioning that he’s known for while smoking marijuana.

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