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Cub Swanson on Frankie Edgar: ‘He’s 0-4 in his last four title fights’

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Cub Swanson believes that Frankie Edgar doesn’t deserve another title fight because he’s lost four of them in a row.

Now that Max Holloway has knocked off Jose Aldo, the jockeying for the next 145-pound title shot is well underway. Frankie Edgar has led the charge, believing that he has done enough to earn another shot at the belt and feels like it’s a marketable fight since he’s never fought Holloway before.

Another man who has thrown his hat in to the ring is Cub Swanson. He asked for an opportunity, which was quickly shot down by Edgar. On a recent episode of MMA Junkie Radio though, Swanson fired back, citing Edgar’s record in recent title fights:

“The reason why I was going to get it over him either way was because Frankie has fought for the title a bunch of times. And when you fight for the title a bunch of times and you don’t win, it’s pretty hard to sell that. Taking nothing away from him, I respect the guy, I think he’s an amazing fighter and he has a win over me, but since then I have been on a tear. And the fact is he is 0-4 in his last four title fights.

“And the fact that you can get that many title fights is crazy. Like I said, I’m just looking for one. I’ve never had the opportunity and I’ve been promised multiple times and had it taken away from me. And I’ve had to rebuild, get better. For 13 years I’ve been on the grind trying to be the best version of myself and I have never been better than right now. All I’m asking for is an opportunity.”

Edgar has indeed lost four title fights in a row – two to Ben Henderson at lightweight, and two to Aldo at featherweight. Swanson has won four bouts in a row, while Edgar has won two in a row and is coming off a big win over Yair Rodriguez. Edgar does hold a 2014 win over Swanson.

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