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Dada 5000 breaks silence on Bellator 149 scare: ‘I was pronounced dead’

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Nearly two months have passed since Dhafir Harris, the fighter better known as Dada 5000, collapsed and was rushed to the hospital after his Bellator 149 match against Kimbo Slice on Feb. 19. Harris suffered cardiac arrest, severe dehydration, fatigue, and renal failure during and after the contest, and on Wednesday he broke his silence, comparing the ordeal to climbing through hell and back.

“When I actually fell inside that ring, Kimbo Slice never touched me,” Harris said on The Dan LeBatard Show. “I had a heart attack. So, when I slammed against the cage and I went down, that was just the beginning.

“The heart is a muscle, so when the kidneys shut down and I’m still pushing, the next thing to go was the heart. So when my heart stopped, it’s like, I was out of it. I didn’t remember nothing. When they brought me back, I was inside the hospital and they said that I had two heart attacks — and this is on paper we can provide to you guys. I had two heart attacks and I [flat-lined] twice. And for me, I was just thanking God, like, I’m here for a real reason. Because there’s individuals out there who didn’t go through a fraction of what I went through and they’re no longer breathing.”

Harris ultimately lost the contest to Slice via third-round TKO, but said it was after the first round that he realized something may be going terribly wrong with his body.

“I remember bits and pieces of the second round,” Harris said. “Where I hit Kimbo and he just dropped his hands. And I’m looking at a home-run at that point, but my body was so done, I couldn’t even follow up. Even when he was on all fours, and I was tapping ….View full article

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