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Dana White announces boxing venture, currently obtaining promoter’s license

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Looks like we’re about to see boxing bouts promoted by Dana White and crew behind the UFC.

A couple of weeks ago, Dana White teased the idea of promoting boxing events, saying that he “could see possibly bringing boxing under our umbrella.” A couple of months before that, he wore a “Zuffa Boxing” t-shirt during the build up to Mayweather vs McGregor.

Tuesday night, in an appearance at the Wild Card West boxing gym, the UFC president announced (HT: Lance Pugmire) that it is really going to happen, and the company will extend their promoting arm to include the sweet science.

“I am getting into boxing, 100 percent,” White said, also saying that he is in the process of obtaining a promoter’s license to make it happen.

Prior to the announcement, White had said that the UFC can be a major player in the sport of boxing the same way they’re doing with Mixed Martial Arts.

“I just know how good we are at what we do, and I know we’re better than pretty much everybody else out there,” White said. “I think that the guys who are involved in boxing, the fighters, would enjoy being under this umbrella and fighting for us, and yeah, I do think would could do it better than everybody else does.”

White has yet to say what their boxing entity will be called, whether it’s actually Zuffa boxing or if it will have the UFC branding or something to those lines.

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