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Dana White: Conor McGregor Wants Rematch with Floyd Mayweather ‘Really Bad’

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If Conor McGregor had his way he would absolutely find a way to fight Floyd Mayweather for a second time.

According to UFC president Dana White, McGregor would love the chance to rematch Mayweather after losing to him by 10th round TKO last August in his professional boxing debut.

Immediately after, McGregor seemed more concerned about getting back to business in the UFC but White knows if afforded the opportunity, he would love to get another shot at Mayweather in the ring.

“Conor wants that fight again really bad,” White said when speaking to FS1 last week. “I thought leaving the arena that night and I told Conor what you did was amazing. I was sitting there with my partner Lorenzo [Fertitta] and I kept saying oh my god we found this kid in Ireland four years ago, he’s going into the sixth round with Floyd Mayweather, he’s going into the seventh round with Floyd Mayweather.

“He did extremely well but Conor was not happy with his performance and obviously Conor truly he believed he was going to win that fight.”

Even White was impressed by McGregor’s performance that night, especially after so many boxing experts told him that the UFC lightweight champion would be lucky to land a clean punch much less actually win a round against arguably one of the greatest boxers of all time.

McGregor did more than land a single clean punch as he ultimately hit Mayweather more times in 10 rounds than Manny Pacquiao was able to do over the course of 12 rounds, but the end result was still a loss.Conor McGregor vs Floyd Mayweather back of head

“I thought Conor won the first four rounds,” White said about McGregor’s performance. “You’ve got to understand, I did every show on Earth leading up to that fight and every boxing expert on the planet told me that he would not hit Floyd Mayweather one time. So I’m not going to lie to you, there was a little ‘oh my god’, I at least wanted people to turn off their TV’s and at least felt like it was a good fight and it was a good fight.”

For his part, White doesn’t seem opposed to McGregor pursuing another boxing match in the future but right now he just wants the lightweight champion to get back to his primary business, which is fighting inside the UFC Octagon.

“I know deep down he would do that fight again,” White said about McGregor vs. Mayweather 2. “But he needs to get back to MMA and defend his title.”

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