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Dana White: I would love to s—t on Bellator, but there’s no way ‘Ortiz vs Sonnen’ was fixed

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Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) President Dana White, who is clearly no fan of the competition, watched his first Bellator MMA event last month when two of his former employees, Tito Ortiz and Chael Sonnen, headlined the Bellator 171 mixed martial arts (MMA) event in Inglewood, California.

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Not long after Ortiz, a natural light heavyweight, submitted Sonnen, a former middleweight contender by way of rear-naked choke, rumors of fight fixing permeated the combat sports community.

Rumors which White insist are categorically false, according to his conversation with UFC Unfiltered (via MMA Junkie).

“It was basically a retirement fight, and a lot of people were calling it a fix. There’s no way. Here’s one of the things a lot of people don’t realize about Tito Ortiz. Tito Ortiz – this (expletive) guy is so strong. He put me in a neck crank one time and almost popped my (expletive) neck off my shoulders. This guy is physically very strong. And I think his ground game is very underrated because Tito would always get that top position and ground-and-pound people. I don’t think Chael has fought or won a fight since 2013, or that ballpark somewhere. … You take that much time off, and that’s what a fight’s going to look like. … There’s no way in hell that was a work. I’d love to come on here and (expletive) all over Bellator, but there’s no way that was a work. The thing you’ve got to remember, he’s a good wrestler, (but) never was Chael some big jiu-jitsu guy. And when Tito Ortiz is cranking your (expletive) head off, you’re 40 (expletive) years old … maybe I should tap out here.”

Blame “the animal.”

Not surprisingly, Ortiz was livid by the accusations. Probably because “The Huntington Beach Bad Boy” retired (again) after the fight and wanted to ride off into the sunset with an impressive victory, something that has eluded him in recent years.

And while we may never see Ortiz back inside the cage, thanks to his 25 concussions, there is no reason he can’t settle his longstanding score with former UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones.

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