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Dana White, not Miocic, is Cormier’s biggest challenge in the UFC

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Daniel Cormier vs. Dana White is the real super-fight of 2018.

The stats are in for EA Sports UFC 3. And newly-released video game character Dana White is a serious threat to reigning light heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier, who in the real world, is gearing up to face heavyweight champ Stipe Miocic in the biggest challenge of his career at UFC 226.

But what if Stipe isn’t DC’s biggest challenge?

What if it really is Uncle Dana?

Cormier, the former Strikeforce heavyweight Grand Prix winner, might have his his work cut out for him against Miocic. But the real super-fight, the one opponent to push ‘DC’ to his limits and truly test his pound-for-pound standing and championship legacy, is none other than UFC President Mr. White.

The stats don’t lie: White, the UFC’s long-time head promoter, has the striking, grappling, stamina and health to give Cormier a serious run for his money in the Octagon.

Those statistics (as you can see in the image above) give Cormier the slight edge. But they don’t reveal the bigger picture.

You see, before his days as president of MMA’s leading promotion, 48-year-old White worked as a boxercise instructor and carried with him an intensity that had never before been seen on the local aerobics circuit. Dana’s gig as an aerobics instructor is shrouded in mystery, but we do know that his hands were amongst some of the best in the boxercise world at the time. That’s according to long-time friend and former business partner Lorenzo Feritta, who told the media in 2006 that White’s boxing skills were ‘unbelievable’.

Although there is no recorded footage of White ever stepping foot in the boxing ring, this picture sends out a clear message of intimidation to Daniel Cormier: ’You are entering a world of pain’.

Not only did White inspire the locals with his boxercise and reportedly ‘beat the living sh-t’ out of ex-UFC light heavyweight champ Tito Ortiz, but the famed MMA promoter proved, beyond any doubt, that he had the physical strength to match his tenacity in the ring.

In 2013, a determined Dana White repped an impressive twelve pull-ups in response to a fan comment from ‘J Mac Doug’ on The Underground. Doug, who is still in shock to this day, doubted the rumors of White’s Herculean strength and challenged him to do fifteen pull-ups. White fell short by three, but the body building powerhouse exceeded all expectations after having admitted that he hadn’t done a single pull-up in ‘probably fourteen years’.

Could Daniel Cormier rep twelve pull-ups after having been absent from the gym in well over a decade? Probably not.

Strength advantage: Dana White.

But there’s more to Dana than just boxercise and pull-ups; the combat sports personality has years of backstage, locker room experience and will have developed a unique psychological profile on most fighters on the UFC roster. White has seen the ins and outs of the MMA world, the personal highs and lows that come along with championship victories and crushing defeats. White will know Cormier better than he knows himself, so expect to see the head promoter push Cormier’s buttons in a way that Jon Jones never could.

Daniel Cormier was never my friend. – Dana White.

In conclusion, Cormier should, for the sake of his own legacy, ditch the Stipe Miocic fight and the multi-divisional championship aspirations that come along with it, and demand that his next title defense be against Dana White.

The only question that remains, is this: Dana White, ’do you want to be a f-ing fighter?

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