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Dana White says Nick and Nate Diaz are continuing to turn down fight offers

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Dana White doesn’t understand why the Diaz brothers aren’t interested in fighting right now.

The Diaz brothers are still a couple of the biggest enigmas in a sport full of enigmas. Nate Diaz just competed in two of the most lucrative fights the UFC has ever put on, but still isn’t booked for a fight almost seven months after the last one. Nick Diaz isn’t suspended any more, and is eligible to fight. Yet he’s not booked either. So what’s up?

UFC president Dana White doesn’t understand it either.

In a conversation with TMZ, a jovial White gave his non-update on where things stand with them:

“We keep offering Nate fights and he keeps turning them down. Nick too.”

When asked why he thinks they’re doing that, he said “I have no idea.” It was suggested that Nate may be holding out for a third fight with Conor McGregor, to which White had a quick reply. With a caveat:

“Maybe. Maybe he is.” … “But Conor has endless possibilities for fights.”

He’s not wrong. McGregor has two viable candidates for UFC lightweight title defenses (Tony Ferguson and Khabib Nurmagomedov) along with Diaz, and then there’s the specter of a boxing fight with Floyd Mayweather for the brash Irishman.

Nate has recently said that the UFC has “put him on the shelf”, so he was applying for a boxing license. He also stated that he was looking for “big deal fights” because he was going to make money regardless, and that he wasn’t waiting for Conor.

As for Nick, he’s mostly been quiet about his MMA intentions at the moment.

Hopefully something comes together for Nick and/or Nate soon, because fans would really like to see them back in the Octagon.

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