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Dana White: We could have sold the UFC for $5 billion

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Article Source – bloodyelbow.com

UFC president Dana White says the UFC’s record-breaking $4B sale could have been even higher if the promotion had sold to different bidders.

The $4-billion price tag on the UFC sale might have broken the record for most expensive transaction in sports history, but according to UFC president Dana White, the promotion could have sold for even more money—to the tune of $1-billion more. In a recent interview on The Exchange with Megan Olivi (transcribed by Damon Martin of FOX Sports), White discussed why the Fetittas went with the lower bid from WME-IMG.

“Let me be honest with you, when we were doing this deal there were two groups that came in for more money than Ari [Emanuel]. There was one [offer] for $5 billion.”

White continued his explanation, citing future growth as the reason they with Ari Emanuel’s mega talent/sports agency.

“There’s people who I believe add value. One of the million things I respect about the Fertitta’s, they weren’t just going to let this thing go for the money. They were going to make sure it went to somebody who could actually take it and bring it to the next level.

Ari is one of these guys, he’s got huge balls, he’s very smart, and he has laid out a really great plan for the sport. The vision that Ari has for it right now, I am on board and I love it.”

As far as White’s future with the company, he assured Olivi that he would be with the UFC for the long haul, perhaps even after his official 5-year contract is up.

“Me and Ari could not be in a better place. I could not be a bigger believer in what we’re going to do over the next five years and what these guys bring to the table. I’m in. I love this. I’m not going anywhere.”

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