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Dana White will do more, not less following UFC sale, thanks to departure of Lorenzo Fertitta

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Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) president Dana White will now have a lot more work to do, thanks to the sale of the world’s preeminent mixed martial arts (MMA) promotion earlier this week (full report here).

But don’t pout for him just yet, as White stands to make a few hundred million from the deal.

“I’m stepping forward, I’m not stepping back,” White told KLAS in Las Vegas (via FOX Sports). “With Lorenzo leaving, it’s a lot more work for me. Lorenzo and I used to divide and conquer. With him gone, I’m going to have to pick up a lot of the stuff he used to do.”

UFC was acquired by financial superpower WME | IMG for roughly $4 billion after months of back-and-forth negotiations. Part of that deal has former UFC CEO Lorenzo Fertitta stepping down after a short transitionary period (can’t say we didn’t see it coming).

White, however, is expected to remain is his current capacity for the foreseeable future.

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