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Dana White’s Contender Series week 7 results and highlights: Two fighters score UFC deals

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Check out what happened at Dana White’s Contender Series episode 7, as two contracts were handed out.

Dana White’s Contender Series 7 is in the books, as 2 UFC contracts were handed out. Joby Sanchez made the cut in his 2nd DWCS appearance, as he picked up a second-round TKO of JP Guys. Benito Lopez, and his kitchen sink, were selected to represent the UFC off the strength of his split decision win over Steven Peterson. Kennedy Nzechukwu won a split decision over Anton Berzin in the main event, and Mike Santiago scored a one punch knockout over Mark Cherico. Jordan Espinosa showed up big time with a first-round club and tech-sub of Nick Urso, but no contract was awarded.

Kennedy Nzechukwu def. Anton Berzin by Split Decision (29-27 x2, 28-29): Light Heavyweight

There was a bit of a methodical pace to the light heavyweight main event, before Berzin scored a takedown, with a brief sub attempt. Nzechukwu made it back to his feet, but a stiff right cross from Berzin sat him right back down. Nzechukwu recovered rather quickly to finish on the feet, but was unable to regain the momentum. Nzechukwu started the second round by commanding the center of the cage, and methodically chipped away with a simple jab cross combo over and over again. Berzin offered up very little offense for the entire round, allowing his opponent to dictate the sluggish pace. Berzin worked repeatedly for the takedown to start off the third, but Nzechukwu did an excellent job of keeping the fight vertical. Signs of fatigue were showing for Berzin, and Nzechukwu was free to riddle off multiple low impact punches.

Watch some early action from Anton Berzin vs. Kennedy Nzechukwu:

Benito Lopez def. Steven Peterson by Split Decision (29-28 x2, 28-29): Bantamweight

Peterson marched right at Lopez and ate a flying knee for his troubles. Peterson shot in, but Lopez secured a whizzer to avoid the takedown, and proceeded to launch a pair of knees that opened up Peterson. Lopez just about emptied the tool shed on Peterson, complete with knees, punches, kicks, and maybe even a kitchen sink. Peterson showed a sturdy chin and solid gas tank, as he absorbed the offense of his opponent, and finished up the opening round in a dominant position.

Peterson pressed forward to start the second frame, but ate another flying knee in the process, before forcing his foe against the cage. Peterson channelled his inner grinder, and ultimately secured a takedown, complete with elbows, that he held for the rest of the round. Peterson pressed forward once again to start the 3rd round, but without eating a flying knee this time. Lopez found some open space and found his moment to land another flying knee, but Peterson ate it like a champ, and continued to grind away. Both bantamweights battled it out down the stretch, but it was Benito Lopez that earned the nod.

Ladies and gentlemen, Snoop Dogg:

Joby Sanchez def. JP Buys by TKO at 2:28 of round 2: Flyweight

JP Buys began the bout with a bang, as he belly to back suplexed Joby Sanchez with authority. Sanchez weathered the early storm and realized a takedown of his own, but Buys too weathered the bad position, and scrambled to the back for a solid chunk of time. Both fighters went right after it to start the 2nd stanza, as they stood right in front of one another. Sanchez appeared to be getting the better of the exchanges, and Buys shot in with a telegraphed takedown, gifting top position to his opponent. Buys gave up his back and Sanchez quickly started teeing off with strikes to the head, forcing the referee to step in and stop the fight.

Watch Buys take Sanchez to Suplex City:

And again:

Mike Santiago def. Mark Cherico by KO at 2:59 of round 1: Featherweight

Mike Santiago threw a head kick early in the bout that was caught by Mark Cherico, resulting in a brief back take. Santiago made it back to his feet, and started dishing out the leather while Cherico’s back was to the cage. Cherico was showing major signs of fatigue, which prompted Santiago to turn up the volume, that resulted in a right uppercut clipping the tip of Cherico’s chin to seal the deal.

Check out this early Cherico TD off the head kick of Santiago:

Jordan Espinosa def. Nick Urso by Technical Submission (D’Arce) 1:23 in round 1: Flyweight

Nick Urso landed first with a head kick that appeared to wobble his opponent, but Jordan Espinosa responded with a head kick of his own that dropped Urso. Espinosa quickly capitalized on the moment, as he locked up an air tight D’Arce, that left Urso unconscious before he had the chance to tap. Tech subs are fun!

Check out this clip of the start of the bout:

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