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Daniel Cormier: Critics would have ‘had a field day with me’ if I lost to Alexander Gustafsson

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Daniel Cormier knew more was at stake on Saturday then the UFC light heavyweight title.

The shadow of Jon Jones loomed over UFC 192 all of fight week in Houston, and Cormier didn’t help matters by heaping scorn upon opponent Alexander Gustafsson for a less than perfect road to the belt.

All of that pressure culminated in excellence though, as Cormier defended his UFC strap in a grueling, five-round instant classic.

“Honestly, I just went to bed last night,” Cormier reflected Monday on The MMA Hour. “My fiancé kept going, ‘Daniel, why don’t you go to sleep, why don’t you go to sleep?’

“I finally told her why I couldn’t sleep and it was because it was just a lot of relief. There’s so much relief in actually going out there and beating such a tough guy in Alexander and defending this championship. The pressure that I felt going into that fight, not only fighting in Houston, but under the circumstances in which I won the title — if I would’ve lost that fight, my goodness, man, a lot of these people who badgered me on the internet, they would’ve had a field day with me.”

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