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Defense begins Christy Mack cross-examination at War Machine trial

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Article Source – bloodyelbow.com

The fourth day of the War Machine trial saw Christy Mack cross-examined by the defense attorney. 

Christy Mack returned to the stand on the fourth day of the so-called War Machine trial to complete the prosecution’s questioning and take part in the defense’s cross-examination process.

Thursday’s session at the Clark County courtroom began with Mack answering a handful of questions as the key witness to the prosecution’s case. Once Deputy District Attorney, Jacqueline Bluth completed her presentation, the stage was set for the cross-examination process to begin.

Defense Attorney Jay Liederman led the cross-examination, which covered a wide range of topics, including Mack’s relationship with ex-boyfriend Jon Koppenhaver, the extent of her liver injury, and the frequency of her meetings with the Clark County District Attorney’s Officer, which, according to News3lv.com, aimed to suggest that Mack was being coached. He even asked about her increase in Twitter followers and line of emojis, which he noted features icons of Mack with facial injuries. The defense could suggest that Mack had profited off her near-death experience.

Following a 90-minute recess, Liederman resumed his presentation and asked a series of short questions relating to various pictures of Koppenhaver and Mack in photoshoots, as well as at Bellator events (to highlight Mack blowing a kiss at Koppenhaver). Some showed Koppenhaver biting Mack’s ear. At one point, the defense presented a picture of Koppenhaver’s arm around Mack and asked if he was choking her in it.

“I wouldn’t consider that a choke,” said Mack. “For all intents and purposes, he is just resting his arm on my shoulder.”

The defense then asked Mack about a nude photo she had texted Koppenhaver the night of the attack, showing the jury that there had been contact between the two hours before the alleged assault. Mack confirmed the interaction, though didn’t know if the picture shown was the one she sent him.

Koppenhaver is on trial for 34 felony charges, including attempted murder, kidnapping and various counts of sexual assault. The fighter pleaded not guilty to all 34 counts.

The cross-examination will resume on Friday.

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