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Demetrious Johnson Speaks His Mind About Treatment By The UFC. Was It The Wrong Move?

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Demetrious Johnson is officially the man in my book. While many fans may be discrediting him, stating that he’s some kind of coward for refusing to fight bantamweight contender TJ Dillashaw for the flyweight title, it’s hard not to see the champion’s points. It’s easy to sit there and point the finger, especially when you don’t have to do the fighting, but Demetrious Johnson airing out the laundry, namely his treatment by the UFC, is something every fighter and fan deserves to hear.

Full Statement courtesy of MMAFighting.com.

So what the hell am I talking about? Well, recently Demetrious Johnson has decided to issue a statement in regards to his treatment by the UFC. The statement was extremely intricate and well detailed and alleges that the UFC, specifically Dana White and Sean Shelby, have engaged in bullying tactics not just now, but throughout his UFC tenure.

Whether you believe him or not, Demetirous Johnson has been a company man through and through. He rarely if ever complained about anything doing his employment with the biggest promotion in the world, so for him to break his silence now speaks volumes.

Recently TJ Dillashaw spoke on the fact that Johnson would not accept the fight, that he was somehow scared or foolish for refusing to fight the former bantamweight champion, but let’s consider what the flyweight champion truly said. Johnson simply wanted guarantees that he was going to be compensated for his fight if TJ Dillashaw misses weight at his first attempt to cut down to flyweight. Johnson as the flyweight champion, a man who defended that belt ten times now, is within his rights to make a few demands that frankly aren’t that overboard. Nevertheless, fans will throw the word cowardly around simply because they won’t be able to see a fight that they find intriguing. I have one thing to say to the keyboard warriors.

Shut your mouth.

Demetrious Johnson being scared to fight TJ Dillashaw is as likely as Conor McGregor, Floyd Mayweather, and Manny Pacquiao engaging in a triple threat boxing match. Maybe Dillashaw should consider facing another flyweight to prove his mettle in the division. Maybe Johnson deserves to call his shot as the current longest reigning champion in the UFC. We shouldn’t demonize a man for speaking his mind because that’s exactly what has made McGregor the household name that he is today. Demetrious Johnson should be true to himself and we should be revering his willingness to speak out rather than try to silence him with illogical claims of cowardice.

What do you think of Demetrious Johnson going off on the UFC?

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