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Derrick Lewis estimates ‘probably 70 percent’ of heavyweight division using PEDs

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It wasn’t until his ninth UFC fight that Derrick Lewis was forced to hear the judge’s scorecards, and that alone bummed the “Black Beast” out. He apologized after his fight with Roy Nelson at UFC Fight Night 90, and even called for a rematch despite getting his arm raised in a split decision victory.

And less than two weeks later, Lewis is still his own toughest critic. He hasn’t changed his mind on fighting Nelson again. Or, really, anybody who is available in late summer.

“I still want Roy because after Roy I was going to try and go for Brock Lesnar, but since he ain’t gonna be around for awhile…” Lewis said during a spot on Monday’s edition of The MMA Hour. “Or Mark Hunt. But I just want a fight really soon. Whoever is ready to fight, like in September or even the end of August, I’ll fight him, doesn’t matter who.

“I think Mark Hunt makes the most sense right now, for me. Or that Todd Duffee guy. I don’t know if he’s still on suspension or what. That would be a good fight. We forgot about him.”

Asked if he had any indication either way, Lewis said he should have news from matchmaker Joe Silva soon.

“I should hear something back this week. They’ll let me know.”

The 31-year-old Texan Lewis hit Nelson with some big shots early, and even bigger shots late, yet “Big Country” wouldn’t fall. He had to settle for a split decision victory, marking the first time a fight of his has gone the distance since he fought Tony Johnson in Bellator back in 2011.

Having to win via decision didn’t sit well with Lewis.

“I really wished I would have finished [Nelson],” he said. “But, I guess he ….View full article

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