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Diego Brandao’s Latest Arrest is PEAK War Machine Diego Brandao

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(Nothing like starting a fight on camera to avoid looking bad.)

At the risk of inciting his well-documented wrath, we feel compelled to say that TUF 14 winner Diego Brandao might be a bit of a loose cannon. Aside from the short fuse he displayed while in the TUF house, the man has also threatened to stab Dustin Poirier with a pen and attacked a Carnaval reporter on camera in the recent past, which doesn’t exactly speak to the zen-like qualities that martial arts is supposed to inspire.

Brandao’s latest arrest, however, is like something out of a War Machine fan fiction novel.

Details after the jump.

Over the weekend, details started to leak that the TUF 14 winner had been arrested outside of a strip club in Albuquerque for allegedly striking an employee with a gun. According to MMAJunkie, Brandao was arrested on Friday, charged with aggravated battery and three counts of aggravated assault, then released on Saturday after posting the $15,000 bond.

Last night, however, the nasty details of the incident were laid out when Brandao’s public arrest warrant was released (again via MMAJunkie), so strap yourself in for this mess…

According to the warrant, a doorman from Knockouts, Anthony Romero, told police Brandao had been arguing with the club’s DJ and appeared to be intoxicated. He left the bar and attempted to return, but was denied because of his intoxication.

“Hey puta, the next song that comes on better be Scatman John or I’m going to lose my shit!”

It was then that Brandao allegedly tried to punch his way back into the bar and wound up fighting four employees – including the DJ – before Romero pushed him out and then locked ….View full article

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