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Diego Sanchez responds to critics calling for his retirement after KO loss

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Diego Sanchez responds to critics who are calling for his retirement after his knockout loss to Al Iaquinta over the weekend.

Diego Sanchez is indeed the last of the old-school. Now on his third nickname, the 35-year-old fighter is literally the remaining competitor out of inaugural Ultimate Fighter season on the UFC roster, and seems to have no plans to slow down just yet.

On Saturday, “Lionheart” as he is now known, suffered another knockout defeat, this time at the hands of the returning Al Iaquinta. After the fight, fans have deemed it fitting for Sanchez to finally hang up his gloves. Seemingly bothered by such calls for his retirement, Sanchez issued a lengthy response in a recent Instagram post.

This is a heart felt message for all the supporters of what I do but more importantly what I stand for as a athlete a man and warrior of the octagon, after evaluating the situation with a clear mind I have two options? The first is to feel sorry for myself start doubting myself, god and everything that makes me a winner? Thinking negative like many people would and even are the people that are not in my shoes the people who have no clue and just are so fast to throw out retirement and this and that?

YOUR NOT ME! So just shut your mouths right now before even saying it, ITS NOT YOURS TO SAY! I speak from the heart and do not sugar coat SHIT! so there’s that path the quitters path? Or there is the DIEGO path what being a Lionheart is all about it’s about picking your self up when you fall learning how you fell and how to prevent it from happening again? This was the first KO of my career some fighters experience it more than ounce in over a decade of fighting the very best UFC has put in front of a man. Loosing is a part of this sport, I choose to believe in my god given abilities and had work earned talent! I choose to believe in my dream! I am confident, I am experienced, i am still very healthy, young for my physical age and more driven and hungry for success than ever.

So I choose to continue to roar like a lion for the lord Jesus and do what I do and that’s fight ON! To all my fans and friends that believe in me I love you guys! To all my family that loves me and has there concerns let me assure you I have been tested at the best facilities In The world my cognitive health is the same if not better than it’s ever been I’m sharp sober minded and extremely healthy so I know it hurts to see a warrior you love fall but it’s part of it and when I am no longer able to compete with the best fighters in the world i will look to what is next!

As for now I’m a beast that got caught with a perfect shot I’m all good and will be back with adjustments that will prevent that from ever happening again! So today I thank god I was not injured In The fight , I still have a iron jaw and a lion heart and a sober mind. You doubters you gonna doubt it’s what do

Sanchez currently holds a record of 27-10, with 15 wins by stoppage. Since 2016, he has gone 2-2, with both losses ending by first round knockout.

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