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Dillashaw: KO tape money should go to charity ‘for kids without fathers so they don’t grow up to act like Cody’

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Cody Garbrandt is still threatening to sell footage of him KOing TJ Dillashaw, with the added offer that any money made could go to a charity of Dillashaw’s choice.

The Cody Garbrandt/T.J. Dillashaw feud has been simmering for a while now. Ever since Garbrandt became a prominent figure for Team Alpha Male (TAM) in the UFC, he’s become one of the chief mouthpieces in the ongoing war of words with their former team-member and former UFC champion. But, if a feud between the two men has been simmering for months, it seems that it’s only finally starting to boil.

In part that’s down to the most recent season of the Ultimate Fighter. Dillashaw and Garbrandt are opposing coaches on the show, and the renewed proximity has already led to at least one on-screen altercation. The show is done filming, but will be playing out on TV over the next few weeks. And the result is more day-to-day fuel to feed their animosity.

Outside of the TAM vs. Ludwig history, the ongoing story-line in the Dillashaw-Garbrandt beef stems from an as-yet-unreleased video in Garbrandt’s possession showing the current UFC bantamweight champion KO-ing Dillashaw in a past sparring session. Garbrandt recently made an offer to Dillashaw detailing his plans to sell the tape to the highest bidder.

“Hey Dillashaw, lets put an end to all of this.” Garbrandt said in a video message on Instagram. “I’m going to go out and get as much money as I can from the video of me knocking you out. How about you pick a charity that you want to support and I’ll donate 100% of the proceeds to that charity.”

In a recent interview on UFC Unfiltered with Matt Serra and Jim Norton, Dillashaw responded to Garbrandt’s offer. Fair to say, he isn’t very impressed with his rival’s generosity (transcript via MMA Fighting).

“I told him to go for it. Release it, because I, for one, don’t believe it and even if he did, I agree with Matt, I think it’s petty. I think they’re reaching. It’s something like, we put this time and sweat and tears into the gym, and he’s got this one clip of him doing good. What about the 70% of the time that I was doing awesome that [Justin] Buchholz has footage of? You know what, I could care less what happened then. I get to make, on pay-per-view, some film of me beating Cody’s ass that the world’s going to see and I’m going to make a lot more than selling it to TMZ. So they can do whatever they want with the practice room because we all know how it went down. So I could care less. Release the footage. The charity should be something for kids without fathers so they don’t grow up to act like Cody.”

Those last lines are a dig at Garbrandt’s well-publicized childhood growing up without his biological father, and the influence that had on his life. It’s a sore spot that Dominic Cruz used to needle Garbrandt ahead of their fight as well. When an opponent is working to sell potentially humiliating videos to the highest bidder, it seems everything becomes fair game.

Garbrandt vs. Dillashaw is set to take place at UFC 213 on July 8th in Las Vegas, Nevada. The fight will likely serve as the main or co-main event for the capping PPV card for the UFC’s International Fight Week. Bouts between Fabricio Werdum & Alistair OVereem and Robbie Lawler & Donald Cerrone have also been planned for the event.

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