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Domestic violence case against UFC’s Nick Diaz dismissed by Las Vegas court

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Nick Diaz is clear of any charges stemming from a May incident in Las Vegas that led to an arrest on felony domestic violence accusations. According to his attorney Ross Goodman (via MMA Fighting), the Las Vegas Justice Court dismissed all the charges against the UFC fighter permanently, ending a winding road of legal drama that saw extra charges added and a grand jury deciding not to pursue the case last month.

Despite that, the district attorney pressed forward with the case – until Thursday, when it was thrown out.

Diaz was arrested on May 25th due to allegations of domestic violence against a person alleged to be an “on-again, off-again girlfriend” according to his attorney. The accuser initially stated that cocaine use by Diaz led to him being violent, but her story changed a couple of times along the way. The DA attempted to raise his bail in late June, which was denied. In early July, two more felony charges were brought against Diaz. Today though, all of that went away.

In a statement, Goodman reiterated the grand jury’s findings when discussing the dismissal and touched on the victim’s story changing several times:

“We are grateful that the District Attorney’s office was fair and thoughtful in reviewing this case based on the evidence and making the decision to dismiss this matter particularly in light of the Grand Jury’s decision finding probable cause was lacking.”

“Throughout this ordeal [the alleged victim] has given multiple inconsistent versions of what occurred and recently testified before the Grand Jury to a third version. Further, the medical records made clear that [the alleged victim] did not suffer any fractures, subluxation of dislocation, soft tissue damage or any substantial bodily injuries expected from such allegations. The videos she posted prior to this incident clearly shows someone who is motivated by revenge because Nick was seeing other women. Truth delayed is better than no truth at all and I trust that the ultimate dismissal of all charges with prejudice will be viewed as total vindication for Nick and clears his name from being associated with such horrific but false allegations.”

The 35-year-old Diaz has not competed in the UFC since early 2015, when he dropped a decision to Anderson Silva. The bout was ultimately flipped to a No Contest when both men failed drug tests. Diaz has not had a UFC win since 2011.

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