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Dominick Cruz to Ronda Rousey: ‘The downs hit hard, just as hard as the ups hit’

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Dominick Cruz talks about handling losses based on Ronda Rousey’s situation.

Both Dominick Cruz and Ronda Rousey walked away with losses after UFC 207 last December. The difference, however, was how each one handled them.

Cruz chose to embrace his first loss in ten years as just a part of fighting. He also went on to give due credit to Cody Garbrandt, who was able to put on an impressive performance against him to be crowned as the new UFC bantamweight champion.

Rousey, on the other hand, chose to once again shy away from the media, as she dealt with the second straight loss of her career at the hands of Amanda Nunes.

As a fellow competitor, Cruz sympathizes with Rousey and how she deals with her losses. But at the same time, he recognizes how defeat should never define a fighter’s career.

“It’s heartbreaking for me, I know what she’s feeling, I know what she’s going through,” Cruz said on last week’s episode of the Joe Rogan Experience podcast. “And as a female, it’s even on another level, I can’t really imagine that. It’s a different level of scrutiny, I would imagine.”

“It shows how hard it is to deal with this, man. The ups and downs. Because the downs hit hard, just as hard as the ups hit. There can’t be any separation in who you are with the win and a loss because if there is, it’s gonna show. And you got to be who you are and not be solely connected to fighting as your whole being. Otherwise, you’re over when it ends.”

After losing his title twice, Cruz admitted to having difficulty with dealing with the fact that he was no longer the champion. He understands how it must be the same for Rousey, but also pointed out how a title should not be the be-all-end-all.

“We’re all putting so much into this one thing that we think that is our everything,” Cruz said. “When really, it sounds cheesy, but if you put all that energy towards loving yourself and not the fight career, the fight career will still be there just as heavy as it is.”

“She’s using the fighting as her identity. With that championship belt, she is Ronda Rousey, the Ronda Rousey. Without the championship belt, we don’t know who she is. She won’t come out. So, who are you unless you’re winning? We don’t know. Do you know?”

“You’re counting on that belt to know who you are now,” he continued. “And that was my biggest point. That was a hurdle I ran into when I lost my belt. I didn’t know who I was anymore. And that’s how I knew this. That’s how I figured out what my issues were.”

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