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EA Sports UFC 2 director says adding Stockton Slap to game was ‘a little something for the fans’ after Diaz-McGregor

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If you’ve ever wanted to take control of the Diaz brothers and slap a grown man into submission, well, now you can.

Fans of EA Sports UFC 2 were treated to an unexpected Easter egg this week when the infamous ‘Stockton Slap’ joined the arsenal of Nick Diaz and Nate Diaz courtesy of the video game’s first update.

The addition was a no-brainer, says series creative director Brian Hayes, especially after watching the younger Diaz brother land the move to great effect against UFC 2 cover athlete Conor McGregor at UFC 196.

“We had just finished most of the heavy lifting with regards to getting UFC 2 launch and out the door, stuff like that, right around the time the McGregor-Diaz obviously went down,” Hayes said. “There was a Stockton Slap in the fight and it just seemed like a fairly simple thing to add to the game, but obviously it pays off huge.

“The first time that we put it in the game and knocked somebody down or knocked somebody out with it, we all basically had the same reaction that everybody had to the first video that got out there of somebody doing it in Knockout Mode. It’s awesome when it happens.

“Only the Diaz brothers do it, so if it was an unlockable move or just one of the movesets for every boxer in the game, it might’ve seemed a little bit weird. But it’s something we wanted to kind of tip our hat towards the Diaz brothers and their special place in MMA, and add a little something for the fans.”

Both Diaz brothers are able to execute the move in-game by taunting an opponent, then throwing a lead hook.

Diaz, of course, stunned the MMA world at UFC 196 when he tapped out McGregor with a second-round rear-naked choke. ….View full article

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