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Eddie Alvarez wanted a ‘bigger name’ than Dustin Poirier

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Although he’s signed on the dotted line, Eddie Alvarez would prefer to fight Nate Diaz, or Khabib Nurmagomedov, over Dustin Poirier.

Yesterday, to the delight of MMA fans, it was announced that Eddie Alvarez would take on Dustin Poirier in a lightweight rematch at UFC on FOX 30 on July 28.

Alvarez, however, isn’t ‘super excited’ about the matchup and told his fans on Instagram live that he would much rather fight a ‘bigger name’, like Khabib Nurmagomedov or Nate Diaz.

“I think with a win over Dustin I get right in the title picture,” Alvarez said, per MMA Fighting’s Jed Meshew. “There’s not too many guys in the division that excite me to fight. To be honest, Dustin doesn’t even excite me but he’s been winning, I respect him, and the UFC wants it to happen so I’m doing it. I really only want to fight like, Khabib [Nurmagomedov] or fight someone like Nate [Diaz], a bigger name, a name that people respect, a name that a lot of people will think highly of. So they’re probably the only two guys that would do anything for me to up what’s going on in my career. Dustin, I’m not super excited about fighting him but I will.”

Alvarez and Poirier entertained fans in a back-and-forth scrap at last year’s UFC 211 pay-per-view, but the bout ended in controversy after ‘The Underground King’ landed a series of illegal knees to Poirier’s head in the second round. Veteran referee Herb Dean declared the bout a No Contest (NC) after concluding that Alvarez landed the knees unintentionally.

Since then, Alvarez went on to knockout Justin Gaethje in a Fight of the Night barn-burner at UFC 218, and ‘The Diamond’ netted back-to-back TKO wins over Anthony Pettis and ‘The Highlight’.

Alvarez believes he’s Nurmagomedov’s ‘kryptonite’, and told his fans that he fights ‘more like a Russian’ than Khabib does.

“This is what happens to fans during Khabib time (*feigns sleep*). *Snore* Seriously, I have video of Khabib’s fight and someone in the crowd sleeping,” Alvarez said. “Khabib’s fighting in New York and I have video of someone (*feigns nodding off*) dipping out. People are literally sleeping during Khabib time. When I tuck my kids in at night I say, “Okay guys, it’s Khabib time’ and they know it’s time to go to sleep. That’s what happens during Khabib time. Nobody gives a f**k about Khabib time.

“I don’t care if you’re Russian. I love Russia. I fight more like a Russian than Khabib does. Russia loves me. I’ve been in Russia before. I fought in St. Petersburg. I fought for the Russian audience but I fought, I didn’t wrestle no one. Everybody goes to sleep during Khabib time.”

Switching the focus back to his highly anticipated rematch with Poirier, Alvarez said he plans to defend his crown as ‘the most violent man’ in the UFC, a title he awarded to himself after his third-round knockout of Gaethje in December.

“Hopefully I can defend my title on July 28. That is UFC’s Most Violent One of All, yours truly. I made the title up, I won it, I’m the self-proclaimed Most Violent Man on Earth (laughing).”

UFC on FOX 30 is expected to feature Alvarez vs. Poirier II in the main event, with the winner anticipated to fight newly-crowned champ Nurmagomedov, or Conor McGregor, later in the year. The event takes place July 28 at the Scotiabank Saddledome in Calgary, Canada.

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