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Eddie Bravo Invitational 11 full results: Gordon Ryan crowned welterweight champ

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Gordon Ryan wins the grappling promotion’s welterweight title, as EBI also debuts its new Combat Jiu Jitsu rule set.

Sunday’s edition of the Eddie Bravo Invitational brought fans back to the mats for grappling action, but this time added in a special twist: the debut of Combat Jiu Jitsu (CJJ). To go along with the special wrinkle in the sport, the event crowned a new welterweight champion in Gordon Ryan – a man that’s familiar with success in the EBI format.

Ryan performed up to expectations and walked out of EBI 11 with his third title for the promotion. He submitted Jean Paul Lebosnoyani by rear naked choke in round one and Chris McKarski via guillotine in round two. He faced a tough challenge in Marcel Goncalves but remained composed under the pressure from the veteran black belt; eventually finding the sweep and taking his back, ending his night with a RNC. Ryan defeated Vagner Rocha in the final, controlling much of the match from the very start.

While Ryan was the winner of the night, Craig Jones impressed with two big upsets on the night. He submitted Nathan Orchard in the first round with an inside heel hook. Then he would stick to the leg attacks to finish Darragh O’Conaill in the second round.

Nick Honstein took the first tournament win in the CJJ format of the EBI tournament. He defeated Sheridan Moran in overtime and Chad George in the final with a twister. CJJ allowed for open-palm strikes to the body and face when an opponent is grounded. On the feet, regular grappling rules apply. This bantamweight tournament was the first in a new shift for EBI as the promotion continues to challenge the norm with experimental rule sets.

EBI 11 was broadcast via UFC Fight Pass where the replay is available for viewing.



Gordon Ryan defeated Jean Paul Lebosnoyani by way of RNC

Chris McKarski advanced as Dustin Akbari suffered a rib injury

Marcel Goncalves defeated Oliver Taza in overtime (fastest escape)

Dan Borovic defeated Kyle Griffin by way of mounted triangle/kimura

Sergio Ardila defeated Richie Martinez by way of straight ankle lock

Vagner Rocha defeated Joe Baize in overtime (fastest submission)

Darragh O’Conaill defeated Jose Llanas in overtime (fastest submission)

Craig Jones defeated Nathan Orchard by way of inside heel hook


Gordon Ryan defeated Chris McKarski by way of arm in guillotine

Marcel Goncalves defeated Dan Borovic in overtime (fastest escape)

Vagner Rocha defeated Sergio Ardila by way of palm-to-palm choke

Craig Jones defeated Darragh O’Conaill by way of kneebar


Gordon Ryan defeated Marcel Goncalves by way of cross face choke from the back

Vagner Rocha defeated Craig Jones in overtime (fastest escape)


Gordon Ryan defeated Vagner Rocha by way of RNC


Chad George defeated JM Holland with a darce choke

Nick Honstein defeated Sheridan Moran in overtime

Nick Honstein defeated Chad George with the twister

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