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Eight Limbs: The Masters of Each Strike in MMA

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Artwork by Gian Galang

Muay Thai is called the Art of Eight Limbs. Those are the arms, the legs, and the two bony shards shooting out half way up each. Punching, kicking, elbowing and kneeing. Though no-one uses them all equally effectively even at the highest levels of Muay Thai. Everyone has their favorites and things that they don’t go to so much or at all.

It was a big selling point of Chuck Liddell that he had scored knockouts with each arm and leg. Similarly Anderson Silva scored knockouts with punches, kicks, knees, and an elbow. But no-one is really an all around master of applying all eight limbs, especially not in MMA where the grappling aspect changes everything.

Instead of looking at someone you consider the top striker and trying to note how they apply each technique, it is better to find someone who is excellent at each technique—maybe not even in the top thirty of his or her division—and look at why it works.

So today I’m going to drop a couple of dozen names who are well worth looking into on your own time for the way they factor in the dynamic, range, and shortcomings of each of the ….View original article