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Emotional Travis Browne breaks down while talking about domestic abuse allegations

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WEST HOLLYWOOD, Calif. — Travis Browne opened up for the first time Tuesday about domestic violence allegations levied against him last year by his ex-wife.

The UFC heavyweight became very emotional and was almost brought to tears during a UFC 200 media lunch here when discussing the accusations made by Jenna Webb last July.

Browne has repeatedly denied hitting Webb and an investigation done by the UFC’s law firm Campbell & Williams last summer didn’t find anything conclusive. Browne was reinstated by the promotion in August.

Webb posted photos of her injuries on Instagram last July. She never pressed charges against Browne, saying on social media that she did not want to affect Browne’s job or have his children taken away from him.

“Honestly, I feel a little betrayed,” Browne said, holding back tears. “If those are your reasons for lying, but then you don’t press charges, you don’t try to do things the right way. If any of you guys were here beating your wife and you have two kids, I swear to God, I will f*ck you up. And I would take your kids and take them from you.”

Browne, 33, said he felt like the media were unfair to him following the allegations and still doesn’t understand why Webb didn’t have to answer for the things she said.

“Why do I have to do all the talking?” Browne said. “All these places — TMZ and that stuff — ran stuff and not a single person asked questions. I’m a 6-foot-7, 250-pound man. I have two little boys at home and if I did the things I was accused of, you want those two boys being raised by me? Why wouldn’t you want them in my home? Why would you want me to have my career if that’s the kind of man ….View full article

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