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Fallout: The Curious Case Of Travis Browne

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UFC Fight Night featured a heavyweight main event against the surging Derrick Lewis and hit or miss Travis Browne. Now that description of Browne isn’t to insult the man. He’s still one of the best heavyweight fighters out there. But lately he hasn’t been able to hit the mark. At first everyone and their momma blamed Browne’s downfall on the training he’s been receiving. But with another loss under a different coach, one has to wonder if Browne is simply declining.

The fight itself was a pretty interesting affair. In fact, it was a tale of two rounds. The first round showcased exactly why so many people were high on Travis Browne to begin with. He was moving on the outside, controlling the distance with his longer limbs and straight shots. In all honesty, it looked as if the changes made to his coaching staff was beginning to pay off in a big way. Browne hurt Lewis a number of times from distance and his timing was spot on.

Then came round two.

Derrick Lewis proved that not only does he have keen finishing instincts, but that he has heart to go along with it. Lewis was on Browne at the beginning of the second frame and didn’t let up his attack. He swarmed with a barrage of punches that forced Browne along the cage and it seemed to be only a matter of time as Lewis pressed the attack. Eventually we saw Lewis drop Browne, follow him to the ground and eventually finish the fight with devastating ground and pound.

It was an impressive victory for Lewis to say the least, yet I couldn’t help feeling for Browne. After such an impressive first round, appearing to shake off the stigma of training under his former coach at Glendale Fighting Club, Browne looked like his former self. In fact he showed clear signs of improvement despite the knockout loss. It’s a tough and unforgiving sport and while another loss may tarnish Browne’s record, giving up at this point would definitely be the wrong move.

Travis Browne still has potential. The best move for him moving forward is to take some time off, consider his options, and simply look to improve. He’s only one fight removed from switching up his coaching staff. He needs to give himself the time to adjust as well as give his body time to heal.

For Derrick Lewis things have never looked brighter. That over training and over…sexing, could have harmed his performance in the first round. It’s safe to say that he’s not going anywhere but up in the heavyweight division and with a brutal style of fighting and unorthodox style on the mic, it’s safe to say ‘The Black Beast’ is creating a brand all his own.

What do you think should be next for Derrick Lewis and Travis Browne?

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