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Fallout: UFC 208 AKA The Brooklyn Screw Job

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Well that was interesting to say the least. UFC 208 wasn’t the most action packed event of the new year and it’s definitely left us with more questions than answers at its conclusion. Holly Holm failed to be the first woman to win belts in multiple divisions as she dropped a razor close decision to Germaine de Randamie or the post bell puncher as she’s begun to be labeled. The fight was competitive with a few slow spots here and there. But the drama surrounding the main event more than made up for any lulls in the action. So what’s the takeaway from UFC 208?

Holly Holm Has Nothing To Be Sorry About

A lot of people want to rag on Holly Holm because she missed some key opportunities to take advantage of a rocked de Randamie. But the perhaps the biggest critic of Holm was herself. At the post fight press conference she seemed to be beating up on herself almost as harshly as Germaine did during the bout. While Holm does need to work on the technique in her takedowns, thinking that she was being stupid isn’t going to solve things. Many believed that she won and while that may be scant consolation, it’s something she should hold onto as she takes the next step in her career. She does have a bloodthirsty streak, but she can no longer hesitate when she has her opponent on the ropes.

Germaine de Randamie Isn’t A Cheater

Germaine de Randamie is the new women’s featherweight champ and already people are disrespecting her reign. While she won the decision, many believe that Holm deserved the nod. But perhaps the biggest impression de Randamie made on the fans was the fact that she continually landed punches to Holm’s chin after the bell. Many believe points should have been taken, which isn’t too outrageous a call. What is pretty dumb are people believing de Randamie is a cheater. If anything, Germaine exhibited her hotblooded nature more than proving that she’s a cheat. The heat of the moment affects fighters in different ways. I’ve thrown a punch or kick a bit late, but not to take advantage. When your mind is in fight mode sometimes slip ups really can occur. But really it’s a situation for the ref. Germaine will have her chance to prove she’s the legit champion in time. Until then all the fans and haters will have to accept the judges decision.

Referees Suck

Yeah…they really do. Next time the UFC has a belt on the line they better call in “Big” John McCarthy and Herb Dean every time. Doesn’t mean there won’t be any chance at controversy, but at least you’d have some tried and true refs with plenty of experience on hand.

What are your takeaways from UFC 208?

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