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Fight Fan Review: Creed

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In the ongoing tradition of boxing films, the scorecards have always been mixed. They’re either a knockout sensation at the box office or a complete flop. “Creed” falls somewhere in the middle.

The seventh installment of the Rocky series follows Adonis Johnson, the illegitimate son of Apollo Creed, who is seeking glory in the ring and an identity in life. Johnson, played by break-out star Michael B. Jordan from 2013’s creeper hit Fruitvale Station, has a checked past between struggle and privilege. Spending his youth fighting in between juvenile detention centers and group homes, the young Adonis is finally adopted by his late-father’s widow, Mary Anne Creed, and is from there secured into a life of relative privilege and affluence. We quickly learn, however, that Adonis is fighting for something beyond earning dollars in the ring.

Thus, the stage for the story is set early. Johnson is a self-trained nobody who has compiled the entirety of his ring experience in underground bouts in Mexico. After being unable to secure a training ground in his native LA, he travels to Philadelphia to seek tutelage from none other than Rocky Balboa, his father’s greatest rival and best friend. Much of that choice ….View original article

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