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Fightweets: Has Conor McGregor damaged his brand?

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When the previous edition of Fightweets went live, Nate Diaz vs. Conor McGregor was the main event of UFC 200.

A few days later, all hell broke loose, and now McGregor’s on the sidelines, while Daniel Cormier vs. Jon Jones is the new headliner for the July 9 show in Las Vegas.

Time, then, for a look at those developments and a whole lot more.

Conor and the UFC

@Fitdudeyeah: If u had 2 guess, was Conor’s tweet about him being back on 200 a pure negotiating move or was there any truth?

I’ve gotten scores of questions about the whole tiff between McGregor and the UFC, the chain of events which led to Diaz-McGregor 2 getting called off, and the aftermath, so rather than list them all out, I’m going to use this question as the launching point for all things UFC 200Gate.

The tweet you refer to, of course, was the one in which McGregor announced Sunday night that he was back on UFC 200, which turned out to be patently false. It also seems the point at much of the audience tipped seeing the validity of both sides’ position to viewing McGregor as the Boy Who Cried Wolf.

When McGregor kicked off this whole kerfluffle by announcing the shortest-lived retirement we’ve ever seen in this sport — which itself was likely done to get ahead of the UFC announcing he was off the card — he got everyone’s attention. When he made his long Facebook post detailing his side of the story, he came off as sympathetic, rational, and full of valid points. McGregor’s done an astounding amount of work to get to his level, going above and beyond what anyone not named Ronda Rousey has done in helping to fuel Zuffa’s second boom period. So why not bend a bit and spare a ….View full article

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