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Fightweets: Has Lyoto Machida’s legacy been tarnished?

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UFC on FOX 19 goes off Saturday, but without one of the card’s planned featured matchups: Lyoto Machida vs. Dan Henderson, which was pulled when Machida reported a violation to USADA. That was just one item of note in a mostly glum week of news, so let’s get at it …

What becomes of Machida’s legacy?

@ynneKrepmatS: With Machida admitting to using banned substances, what do you think this does to his legacy?

When the news broke midweek the Machida-Henderson rematch was off because Machida self-reported a potential USADA violation, I couldn’t help but notice fan response was a little different than it is for most such news items.

I saw disappointment in the UFC light heavyweight champion, rather than the anger and venom one usually finds on Twitter when a fighter potential runs afoul of doping rules. Machida carried himself throughout his career with a certain sense of dignity, treated people with respect, and actually lived the martial arts ethos that are often just paid lip service in this sport. So the response was essentially “Not you, too.”

But it didn’t take long before it became clear the banned substance in question, 7-keto DEHA, isn’t exactly a performance-enchancing drug. To paraphrase my colleague Luke Thomas from this week’s edition of The MMA Beat, at times it seems like USADA busts have been more about playing “gotcha” with fighters who bought the wrong supplements at GNC than its is in trying to catch hardcore PED abusers.

Of course, in Machida’s case, like Yoel Romero before him, a fighter is responsible for what they put in their bodies. USADA has an easy-to-access list of banned substances with a search function. But should someone who uses an essentially harmless substance like 7-keta DEHA, really be punished the same as an actual PED user? It would ….View full article

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