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Fightweets: You might hate Nate Diaz-Conor McGregor 2, but you know you’ll watch

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Just when it seemed like we were done with the slowest news week in quite some time, along came Friday’s UFC 200 bombshell: Nate Diaz vs. Conor McGregor 2 is in the works.

With that, it’s off to the races …

Diaz vs. McGregor, take two

@KeithMurrayLA: I haven’t seen one reply that’s in favor of this rematch. Just the UFC being the UFC

Without a doubt, the initial reaction to Ariel Helwani’s report that Diaz vs. McGregor 2 (and that’s the order in which the fighters should be listed, since, you know, Diaz won the first fight) is being lined up for UFC 200 was vehemently against the bout.

And for plenty of valid reasons, too, like the featherweight title picture, and the fact it will apparently be done at welterweight instead of lightweight, which are separate questions I’ll touch upon below.

But, one thing I noticed in my Twitter timeline responses to the news of the potential fight on July 9 in Las Vegas: For all the anger being directed at the rematch, the majority of you qualified your criticism with something to the effect of “I’ll watch, but …”

Guess what? The UFC isn’t looking at this past “I’ll watch.” The casual fans who have jumped back on board over the past couple years, climbing onto either the Ronda Rousey bandwagon or the McGregor train or both — people who wouldn’t know the intricacies of high-level footwork if Demetrious Johnson appeared in front of them, popped them a couple times, and darted out of the way before they knew what hit them — are in it for the big, over-the-top spectacular shows the UFC has been putting on roughly quarterly over the past year or two. As long as the fights pay off, which these big McGregor/women’s bantamweight fights have consistently done, they’re ….View full article

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