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Filling in the some of the gaps on Nick the Tooth

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Like a ghost ship in an old Scooby Doo, one day Nick the Tooth just sort of appeared out of the ether. It happened when Dana White decided to make him part of his fight week vlog series at UFC 155. The only thing we knew about the Tooth at that moment was what Dana told us — that he had some old friend who had got himself into a mess with Joe Lauzon after a good session with Jack Daniels, and now it was time to make a delusion become a form of reality.

And just like that, Nick the Tooth — a scarf-wearing, bohemian-looking fellow, whose real name is Nick Gullo — became a fun-loving martyr that came off like the kooky long lost uncle of MMA. Dana gave him the nickname. And as it suggests, Nick was conspicuously without one of his front teeth, which gave him a hobo warmth. He entered the MMA world with miles of untold back-story.

The Tooth grappled with Lauzon in a UFC octagon in that initial vlog, and proceeded to lose via every submission possible. He presented zero resistance against the professional fighter, who gamely took whatever limb was ….View original article