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Florian: Georges St-Pierre vs Conor McGregor would be the biggest fight in UFC history

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Article Source – bloodyelbow.com

Kenny Florian says GSP vs McGregor would go north of 2 million buys.

Georges St-Pierre, with the unlikely but key assistance from Freddie Roach, has finally hammered out a new deal with the UFC for his comeback fight. No opponent has been announced just yet, but his head coach Firas Zahabi says the “ideal scenario” for him would be GSP returning against either Michael Bisping or Conor McGregor.

According to Kenny Florian, the latter match up against the lightweight champion would be the biggest money fight the promotion can book right now. The UFC fighter turned analyst and commentator spoke about the potential GSP vs McGregor match up on his Anik and Florian Podcast.

“Without a doubt, that’s the biggest fight in UFC history right there,” Florian said. “You look at Georges St-Pierre and what he brings to the table. He was pretty consistent at around one million pay-per-view buys is what I was hearing. And we know what Conor McGregor is bringing in, he’s past that right now. Imagine a 2 million buy pay-per-view in the UFC between those two. I think that’s a very realistic thing. And with the way the UFC has been doing things, they haven’t been waiting around. They have been trying to go for the big game kill right away. They been trying to put together the biggest fights they can, as quickly as possible. That might be the fight. I would love to see it.

“It’s a fascinating fight. I don’t know if we are going see it right off the bat, but we just might. That might be a nice consolation prize for Conor McGregor if he can’t get Mayweather.”

What Florian states actually illustrates what may be one of the main reasons the UFC won’t allow that boxing match to push through.

While Mayweather vs McGregor draws significantly more on pay-per-view, how big a cut of the revenue will Floyd demand, and how much does the UFC end up with in that deal?

McGregor can draw over a million at the bare minimum, and currently has a lot of high profile options such as St-Pierre, the Khabib vs Ferguson winner, and the trilogy with Nate Diaz. There are also potential rematches with Aldo and Hollaway, or even a welterweight title fight as well.

If the UFC books these big match ups with their own fighters, they get to take home the lion’s share of everything, instead of giving Floyd $100M or whatever percentage convinces him. There’s also the fact that they won’t have to deal with negotiating with Mayweather, see McGregor get embarrassed, or risk him walking away after one big payday.

So with those other options in mind, how long do you think it would take before the UFC surpasses any potential Floyd vs Conor earnings?


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