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For Court McGee, this Saturday has been 10 years in the making

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To say the road for Court McGee has been long and winding would be to not say enough. He’s made the most of it, turning a stint on The Ultimate Fighter into a consistent and largely successful mixed martial arts career.

Well, mostly consistent.

McGee returned to action after a two-year layoff at UFC 194, where be bested Marcio Alexandre, Jr via unanimous decision. But to get there, he faced a gauntlet of pain, suffering and uncertainty.

The middleweight turned welterweight’s had nearly a dozen surgeries to fix his nose, knees, shoulders and more, many of which took place in his off time. One of the more nagging ones, however, was a wrist injury. He’s not sure what caused it, but it was probably during his last fight before his layoff against Ryan LaFlare. Whatever it was, it broke was McGee describes as the ACL of the wrist, the very thing that enables the wrist to function properly.

“My wrist was sloppy and painful,” he said on Monday’s The MMA Hour. “My grip strength felt an average guy’s, about 100 pounds, mine was at about 30. My other hand was roughly 200. It was the grip strength of an elderly woman.”

Even after getting it repaired, the first attempt to fix it failed as it detached and rolled into his forearm. He had to get another surgery, which delayed everything all over again.

“After I did the therapy and the stuff the first time,” McGee recalls, “after six months, I figured I’d be ready to roll. I kinda had it scheduled out and figured out.” But it didn’t work out that. In fact, the year mark passed of inactivity right after he began the therapy for the first relapse.

“I was just starting to do therapy and I thought, ‘I don’t know,'” he said of his future ….View full article

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