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For Urijah Faber and TJ Dillashaw, the line is blurred between mentor and tormentor

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In terms of miniature drama, the thing going on with TJ Dillashaw, Team Alpha Male, the Elevation Fight Team, Urijah Faber, California’s capital city of Sacramento and the town’s best-known peanut butter salesman Duane “Bang” Ludwig is really pretty colorful under a microscope.

TJ Dillashaw was a wide-eyed prospect who found his legs in Faber’s gym. Six years into the discovery, those same legs walked out. He’s headed to Colorado for his fight-related doings. Even though the split felt like a year in the making (what with the ripening feud going on between Dillashaw’s go-to coach Ludwig and his teammate Faber), to hear fans tell it this has become an off-Broadway production of “Subterfuge.”

And because Dillashaw’s a champion in the sport of the mixed techniques, there’s no shortage of overcast feelings in the matter from just about everyone involved. TAM fighter Cody Garbrandt, for example, is pissed off — just peep his Twitter feed. He’s not alone.

Dillashaw himself is emotional, because throughout his career thus far he has honed his skills in a gym of equal-sized radicals who had his back. It’s hard for a champion to walk away from those who championed him. It was Faber, after ….View original article