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Forget about Motivated B.J. Penn — ‘Prepared Penn’ is the real problem

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Long before there was ‘Sea Level Cain’ or ‘TRT Vitor,’ there was ‘Motivated B.J. Penn.’

While most MMA memes are self-explanatory, the idea of Motivated Penn was always a bit more abstract. The B.J. Penn who ripped grown men to shreds then lapped up the blood of his enemies? That was motivated Penn. That was the same Penn who became a two-division UFC champion, the genuine MMA terror who excelled in every discipline of the game. Whereas, the B.J. Penn who got the bejesus beaten out of him into not one, but two retirements? Well, simply put, that was the unmotivated Penn.

The nickname became somewhat of a catch-all for fans to jokingly dismiss a bad performance. It didn’t help that towards the end of Penn’s run, there were plenty of bad performances to dismiss.

Of course, Penn never actually lacked the motivation to not get his face smashed in. The 37-year-old Hall of Famer, who is once again staring down the barrel of another comeback, is clear about that. But still, there grew to be some truth to the nickname, because in retrospect, Penn realizes that he never truly put himself in the best position to succeed — which is exactly why Penn sought out Greg Jackson, to help squeeze the last few drops from an already legendary career before it was too late.

“You know what? When I first got here, I’ll be the first to tell you, I wasn’t freaking doing hot,” Penn said Monday on The MMA Hour from Albuquerque’s Jackson-Winkeljohn Gym. “I was freaking getting taken down left and right, grounded and pounded. I was getting beat up on my feet, kicked, punched. But you know what? Man, Greg Jackson, that guy is the real (deal). You can see all of the other great trainers that he has, but ….View full article

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