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Former Announcer Mike Goldberg Was in the Crowd at UFC Phoenix and the Internet Was Like WTF

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Former UFC announcer Mike Goldberg didn’t get a friendly sendoff when he called his last night of fights at UFC 207 last month. News broke earlier that day that it was going to be the last time he would call a UFC fight card, but not a word of his last assignment made mention through the end of the broadcast. Nothing, nada, zilch, just clocked out and didn’t even get a “Hey, thanks for the last two decades of loyalty.” Cold.

But for all the cards Goldie appeared on in his UFC tenure, few struck a nerve as the one that surprised everyone at UFC Phoenix this past weekend. You see, Goldberg wasn’t in the booth, as we’re used to seeing him. No, he was in the stands, you guys.

And once Goldie’s face hit the screen, the MMA internet collectively did an “LOL, wut.”

To the tweets!

Just saw Mike Goldberg in the stands! Love it! #ufcphoenix

— Nelly (@bignelly21) January 16, 2017

Mike Goldberg in the regular crowd lol?? #ufcphoenix

— MIA VS EVERYBODY (@xvrandombsxx) January 16, 2017

Did anyone just spot Mike Goldberg in the crowd!!!!??? #ufc #ufcphoenix #fightnight

— Tommy Pinedo (@PinedoJR93) January 16, 2017

Mike Goldberg is in the crowd? Mike Goldberg is in the crowd #UFCPhoenix

— Michael A Wellman (@mikewellman88) January 16, 2017

Mike Goldberg in the crowd. No mention #UFCPhoenix

— Art-illery (@tonyfamilia) January 16, 2017

Umm, was that Mike Goldberg in the crowd or are my eyes playing tricks on me?? #ufcphoenix #ispy

— Libby Jamison (@libbyslemonade) January 16, 2017

Mike Goldberg demoted to the crowd. Sad #ufcphoenix pic.twitter.com/Gs7s38BKfV

— ~UFC/BTCaddict~ (@BJC1227) January 16, 2017

That’s either Mike Goldberg or someone who is Virtually Identical. #UFCPhoenix https://t.co/njj67Co91H

— Las Vegas Fight Shop (@LVFightShop) January 16, 2017

@MFG16 I see u homie pic.twitter.com/m3QwomlKIM

— Jeremy Stephens (@LiLHeathenMMA) January 16, 2017

Mike Goldberg in the stands. Read his lips carefully, someone #UFCPhoenix

— Akhilesh.G (@KayfabeDiaries) January 16, 2017

LOL at Mike Goldberg just casually sitting in the crowd #UFCPhoenix pic.twitter.com/uyIieWolqo

— Ryan Frederick (@ryanjfrederick) January 16, 2017

Mike Goldberg being in the crowd for #UFCphoenix tonight is just…..weird

— Charlie Flood (@cflood03) January 16, 2017

The UFC just gave Mike Goldberg’s seat in the crowd to Daniel Cormier. #ufcphoenix

— MMA Roasted (@MMARoasted) January 16, 2017

You think Mike Goldberg is calling the fights in the audience? That would be great #UFCPhoenix

— Brandon Frm NJ (@BrandonfrmNJ) January 16, 2017

Mike Goldberg is like the stalker ex showing up in the crowd for #UFCPhoenix. #UFC #StalkerGoldy pic.twitter.com/8joelfk4li

— The Outlaw LA Red (@justinharvey75) January 16, 2017

How the UFC gonna do Mike Goldberg dirty like that, his seats are shit lol. He should have lifetime front row access #ufcphoenix

— Surfer Ken©™ (@SurferKenLive) January 16, 2017

My favorite part of the night was seeing Mike Goldberg in the crowd I hope Where’s Goldie turns into a game for every event #UFCPhoenix pic.twitter.com/BEBMVy7hjs

— MMA GIFS (@mma_gifs_) January 16, 2017

You’re telling me that after 20 years of service that Mike Goldberg cant be given better seats? right side third from bottom #UFCPhoenix pic.twitter.com/5tD55HGtbG

— Gabriel Gonzalez (@DoubleGonTV) January 16, 2017

Just wrapped up a 1200-word conspiracy theory about why Mike Goldberg was in the audience at #UFCPhoenix. Stay tuned for absolute lunacy.

— Jared Jones (@JJWritesStuff) January 17, 2017

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