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Former bantamweight champion Joe Warren tests positive for marijuana metabolites following Bellator 143

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Nick Diaz, you got some company!
Bellator bantamweight standout Joe Warren has tested positive for marijuana in his post-fight drug test at Bellator 143 last month, according to The MMA Report.
The positive drug test was revealed on Friday (Oct.9, 2015) after a public records request was made to the state of Texas:

According to the documents that I received, Warren’s marijuana level was 53 ng/ml and the legal limit in the state of Texas is 50 ng/ml. (Note: WADA limit for marijuana is 150 ng/ml)
As of late Friday afternoon, the Texas Combative Sports Program has not confirmed the suspension and fine for Warren. According to the Texas Combative Sports Program regulations, a positive drug test for marijuana calls for a 90 day suspension.

Slightly less than five years.
While not as serious as testing positive for performance enhancing drugs, athletic commissions have been known to crack down hard on marijuana usage in mixed martial arts.
We’ll have to wait and see what, if any, punishment is handed down to Warren, both by Texas and his employer, Bellator MMA. ….View original article