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Former ringside announcer Mike Goldberg photo bombs the crowd at UFC Fight Night 103 last night

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They may have taken him out of the announcing booth, but that didn’t stop Mike Goldberg from showing up at UFC Fight Night Phoenix!

For those who took some time off from the Internet over the holidays, it’s my sad duty to inform you that everyone’s favorite foreign fighter name mangler (and Corn Nuts pusher) Mike Goldberg ended his run as UFC’s play-by-play commentator at UFC 207. Even if you watched the event, you’d never have known because the company didn’t bother giving him a send off after nearly 20 years. And while that definitely bothered several members of his family, Goldberg took it all in stride and still seems to be a big fan of his former employer.

So much of a fan, in fact, that he showed up at UFC Fight Night 103: “Rodriguez vs. Penn” last night in Phoenix, Ariz., to enjoy the scraps.

My favorite part of the night was seeing Mike Goldberg in the crowd I hope Where’s Goldie turns into a game for every event #UFCPhoenix pic.twitter.com/BEBMVy7hjs

— MMA GIFS (@mma_gifs_) January 16, 2017

Some eagle-eyed viewers noticed Goldberg’s familiar face in one of the several crowd scanning shots that made it onto the broadcast. It’s honestly a lot more fun to play a little Where’s Waldo style game and find him on your own … but if you’re having trouble, that’s him to the right throwing out a hang loose shaka sign.

We guess that means he was cheering on fellow oldschooler BJ Penn? Unfortunately for both Mike and BJ, UFC is not a place where being around forever guarantees you a heartwarming send off.

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