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Former UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones lands new supplement sponsorship

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Former UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones is not exactly the model athlete that companies would want to sponsor right now. With two drug test failures in the UFC on top of various run-ins with the law, having “Bones” endorse anything could be a PR problem for any company.

Supplement company GAT Sport, however, decided to take a gamble by having Jones back as its endorser.

GAT had previously distanced itself from Jones in light of the fighter’s UFC 200 drug test failure in July 2016.

“Nothing Jon is using from GAT contains anything that is banned,” GAT Sport vice president Mark Post told USA Today Sports in a July 2016 interview. “We do extensive third-party testing and we know he has been tested (with no positives for performance-enhancing drugs) several times.”

“Everything has come up clear. We have no idea what has changed in what he has taken over the last month. We don’t live with Jon, and don’t even know what the banned substance is.”

Jones is still in the sidelines waiting on USADA’s decision on his fighting career, but that has not stopped him from creating a buzz by trading shots with rival Daniel Cormier.

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