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Fortunes changed for five at UFC 196

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The upset losses of Conor McGregor and Holly Holm at UFC 196, particularly the former, shook up several different UFC divisions in one crazy hour.

McGregor was making noises about being a three-division champion, but after being submitted by Nate Diaz, a lightweight – even though the fight was at welterweight – it was a major reality check regarding the limitations of size.

McGregor is simply too small for welterweight. To get to that size, he would have to carry weight, even if it’s muscle, that slightly slows him down. More gets him tired faster. McGregor had never shown an inkling of a conditioning problem at featherweight. He had gotten bigger and the weight cut had seemed more and more difficult. But it wasn’t an issue facing Chad Mendes, who he had a major reach edge on, and the Jose Aldo fight was over in 13 seconds. It wasn’t necessarily going to be a factor.

With Diaz, he no longer had the reach edge, and got tired.

Had McGregor won, a fight with Georges St-Pierre would have broken all company records, particularly in a UFC 200 setting. St-Pierre was even at ringside for Saturday’s fight, although was noncommittal as to why, and remained coy if he’s even interested in fighting again. Rumors were swirling, although Dana White claimed St-Pierre vs. McGregor was not something being discussed. He also said he didn’t know if St-Pierre would fight again.

But McGregor vs. welterweight champion Robbie Lawler was discussed beforehand. The idea was intriguing, although the reality was that Lawler was a bad opponent for McGregor. McGregor’s style of having no fear of taking punches had worked against featherweights, but the difference in power against one of the sport’s hardest ….View full article

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