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Fortunes changed for five at UFC 199

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One of the saddest aspects of one of the weirdest and most newsworthy weekends in UFC history is that Michael Bisping, a fighter who seemed destined to never even get a championship match, ended up reminding Luke Rockhold, and everyone who follows MMA, of a valuable lesson.

When two top fighters are in a cage, anything can happen. Bisping’s unlikely story of walking off a movie set to take a short-notice title fight with a champion, who soundly beat him years ago, has in one fight changed his legacy. Bisping would have always been looked back on as good fighter with a solid career. Now, you have to at least ask the question if he’s a potential Hall of Famer.

Very quietly, Bisping tied Georges St-Pierre’s record for most UFC wins with 19. He was also the fighter who the UFC’s original expansion into the U.K. was built around. His longevity as a star has been a decade in a sport where such fame is often fleeting.

Before the knock on him was that he had a lot of wins, but when put in with championship level fighters, he would fall. But now he’s beaten Anderson Silva and Rockhold in succession. He won a world title at 37 years old, two years after many wrote him off after being outwrestled by Tim Kennedy to a decision loss.

Bisping has always been one of the UFC’s better fighters when it comes to promoting fights, a strong talker who sometimes, including after the show, says things he later regrets. While it was clear instantly that he regretted the homophobic slur he used when going back-and-forth arguing with Rockhold after the press conference, it would be in everyone’s best interest ….View full article

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