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Fortunes changed for five at UFC 202

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Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz, with no titles at stake, are almost assuredly going into the record books as the biggest money series of fights in UFC history.

Their first fight at UFC 196 did 1.6 million buys, the company’s all-time record, even topping UFC 100 in 2009. While it’s still too early to get any kind of numbers from Saturday’s show, the 5 million Google searches did well over double anything else, sports or otherwise, in the U.S. this past weekend, and that’s on the final weekend of the Olympics. There have been a few UFC shows that have done numbers in that category. Some, including the first Diaz vs. McGregor fight, did even higher. But all of them at that level were in the 1 million or more buys category. If UFC 202 breaks 1 million, it would be the first time any match in UFC hit that figure twice. And the record will get even stronger since no matter what either man does in the short-term, there’s a good chance of a third big fight sometime in 2017.

The live gate was $7,692,010, the fifth-largest in company history. While down from $10,746,248, the all-time U.S. record, set at the same T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas for UFC 200, coming back so quickly to the same market with such a high ticket price show is difficult. There were plenty of tickets available for Saturday’s show, and over the last week, there was late discounting. But the UFC has never even approached anything close to $18.5 million in two shows so close together, let alone in the same arena.

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